Jul. 19th, 2010

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Rogers - Canada's evil mega-corp for cable and internet uses Yahoo for email. For some reason, Yahoo has decided that half of my best friend's email is spam.

The attitude of Rogers's tech support department is "we don't control Yahoo". So, apparently I'm paying rather large internet fees for them to do nothing at all. I understand better providers have these handy little whitelists which could easily avoid this problem. Not with Rogers/Yahoo.

Rogers provided me with a contact number for Yahoo. Yahoo's voicemail said they refuse to discuss any such issues. Then, Rogers suggested my friend fill in a Yahoo form as if she were a business requesting special access.

This seems an incredible amount of hassle just to allow my friend to email me as she chooses.

There may be people wondering whether they should go with Bell or Rogers. I'm posting this to let them know about a problem which would have caused me to sign up with Bell if I had known in advance.

Rogers also screwed up my cable bill last week. So, I'm not in the best mood with them at the moment.

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